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Moncler Jas It's horrific to think that summer is halfway over yet we've barely had the chance to show off our summer style. The sales rails are brimming with strappy dresses, bikinis and sandals while we've been continuing to wear our autumn wardrobe. It's not the most glamorous of seasons but in wet weather practicality often trumps the trend factor. And you could argue that certain wet weather fashion essentials never go out of fashion. To stay dry and still look good, invest in a few key pieces that will keep you smiling while the try-hard trendy people around you are a soaking wet, bedraggled mess.FootwearWelly boots are a godsend. Long gone are the days when they were considered purely practical and worn only by children, farmers, fishermen and the like. Nowadays, even design houses are churning out their very own take on the classic wellington boot. So you definitely don't risk looking out of place trudging down the high street in a pair of wellies.If you don't quite fancy teaming a skirt or dress with a pair of long and chunky boots, you'll be happy to hear short and feminine ones are available, some even accessorised with bows, laces and buckles.Some of the most sought after brands include Hunter, Joules and Le Chameau. For more affordable alternatives, hit the high street where many chain stores have hopped on the welly bandwagon.UmbrellaModern umbrellas aren't just a tool to help keep you dry. They are an accessory that can greatly complement an outfit.,The sweatshirt has been around for ages it seems – since the 1970s or before. A period of over 40 years is a long time in the fashion industry, long enough for a trend to develop, die away, make a comeback and repeated that cycle over and over again. So how does the humble women's sweatshirt compare against that expectation? Does it follow the page of other mainstream casual garments? It has certainly never died and disappeared completely, so does that make it one of the more resilient garments in the female wardrobe? It probably does.From original appearances as a purely sports-orientated piece of clothing, the sweatshirt quickly became appreciated for its casual comfort, easy care requirements and opportunity for colour and design alternatives, which effectively presented a blank canvas for branding, advertising, sports kit and individual customising.Some of the first companies to take advantage of the sweatshirt's popularity were the big sports fashion names. As sport was the first arena many people saw these items and the association was already there to be built on. Adidas, Nike, Umbro were some of the first but have been followed by others such as Puma and more specialised sports brands like Canterbury, ASICS, Salomon and Brooks. More traditional fashion brands were quick to recognise this additional market and big names like Levi's, Wrangler, Gap, Gant and others have all offered sweatshirt derivatives in their ranges for many years.For females, the market expanded even further with women-focussed brands such as Donna Karen, French Connection, ?,? all using the sweatshirt as part of a sporting line of co-ordination garments that included pants and all kinds of matching accessories. The demand for sweatshirts boomed and started to infiltrate every area of fashion. The high-end fashion labels were not to be left out either and the simple sweatshirt completed its rise to fame from athletic casualness to couture fashion icon when marks like Armani, Chanel, Karen Millen, Dolce and Gabbana and Elle Sport have all tested the market with their own take on the sweatshirt. These high-end items may have started with a plain jersey fabric but their finished items bear little resemblance to the Nike versions once they are embellished with gold or silver branding and detailed customisations. It is these designer sweatshirt items that are amongst the most sought after in vintage fashion stores too. Of course while a top quality Nike sweatshirt from the eighties will always find an owner, a designer fashion label brings a whole new price point into consideration.Next came the commodity end of the market, where sweatshirts were used as uniform items for retail assistants, gardeners, lifeguards, bus drivers, cleaners and then came the move into school uniform for which the sweatshirt was perfect – now millions and millions of sweatshirts are worn, dirtied, washed and re-worn on a regular cycle every week. The evolution was complete, from the backs of footballers, through catwalk models to the playground accessory. Valentino Sale "uggs shoes for men Fashion is the fastest growing industry in India. With globalization, Indian fashion has reached global platforms and has introduced Saree to the world. India is now competing with leading nations of the world because of the growth in the fashion industry both within and beyond the country. India is a diverse nation and there's no particular style that is followed or looked upon to in the whole country, different regions in the country have their own sense of styling and dressing up and that's from where the Indian designers take their inspiration and create a beautiful blend of clothes giving them contemporary look and feel. Apart from the regional ensembles, the Bollywood element also holds an imperious part in Indian Fashion style. Let us have a look at some of the fashion designers who have taken the Indian fashion industry a notch higher and represented it internationally:,In an age where celebrity endorsement can be the make or break of fashion labels, it's not surprising that many pop stars choose to flirt with the idea of creating their collections. Over the last few decades, there have been many ranges unveiled by famous faces �C albeit some with much more success than others.
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