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prada borsa outlet ZARA an international fashion retailer has made it's way into world's second most populated country, India after 35 years of its successful business ventures worldwide and has opened its first store in Gurgaon NCR which also marks the entry of TATA group into the yet another fashion retailing venture after Westside, and it's arrival is an alarm to all the current fashion retailers and designers because of the business model used by ZARA in the international market successfully.,Madelaine Triebe explores the boutiques, bars and beaches of Tel Aviv; Israel's second biggest city and first most trendy . Tel Aviv, the city of an infinite nightlife and buzzing designer arena, hosted its first ever style week previous year, leaving a refreshing air of innovation and new thinking to the style world. Young, trendy, and with no legacy to cater for, the designers set the trademark for the city; a nicely scented potpourri of independent designers for anyone who wants a style of fashion and shopping, free from high street chains and massive purchases malls. buy louboutin shoes "zappos ugg slippers Apparel industry is highly influenced by fashion festivals as they play a prominent role in marketing the newest trends. More than being a marketing platform, fashion festivals create a platform that forms a strong connection between designers and consumers. Fashion defines and impacts your life. It is natural to be curious about the latest in fashion sphere right from the newest trends to spicy gossips.The popularity of Fashion runways, organized at national and international levels goes on the same line. These limelight runways are always awaited not only by the fashion lovers, but also top models, fashion designers and celebrities. Among the stunning runways of all time Fashion festivals of Australia are eagerly awaited. Here is the list of some of the prominent fashion weeks that are going to be held in 2014.L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival: The L'Oreal Melbourne fashion festival is a true celebration of beauty, business and fashion. This time it will witness the most stylish entertainment, featuring top class fashion designers, latest fashion trends of the year 2014, beauty workshops, live entertainment and much more. You can experience the creative energy at L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival from 18th to 24th March, 2014. The tickets to this event are available and can be found on the respective website.?Perth Fashion Week: Perth fashion week offers the opportunity for emerging designers to showcase their creative collections and maximize their exposure on a professional platform. Perth fashion week plays a key role in promoting the West Australian fashion community. The venues and dates of runways will soon be made public. ?Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, Sydney: Melbourne Benz fashion week showcases the contemporary and latest summer collections of continent's leading designers. This time the festival will be hosted at Sydney Town Hall and the events will be scheduled throughout the city.? The tickets are now available on the website for a price that ranges between $100 for the front row to $35 for the last row.Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Australia: This fashion runway is going to be held from 8th to 13th April, 2014 with brand new strategic techniques to encourage Australian fashion industry. The venue for this fashion runway has been changed to industrial warehouse and event space Carriageworks in Eveleigh. ?Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Brisbane: The Mercedes Benz fashion week, Brisbane will be staged somewhere around August in 2014. The dates are not yet reveled and the tickets will be available on the website. It represents the spring and summer collection of the country.,A masterpiece is always appreciated and respected as a pride throughout the human history. Works created are not to earn more money, but it is made to explore the beauty of the work itself. Products created based on the love of the beauty of artistic values will always produce a masterpiece that will make us wonder.
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