EMS Employment Opportunities

In order to join as a part-time member (member which does not live within the jurisdiction of the Braidwood Fire Dept.) you must submit an employment application. Requirements for all applicants are as follows.

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a High School diploma
  • Have a good character
  • Have a valid Class B non CDL driver’s license
  • US citizen or permanent lawful resident
  • Must complete the physical agility test
  • Must complete the interview process
  • Must complete the initial training
  • Be a licensed EMT-B, EMT-I/D, or EMP-P in the state of Illinois
  • Firefighter II (Basic Ops) or Firefighter III (Advanced Tech) certification in the state of Illinois

Fire Employment Opportunities

The Braidwood Fire Dept. accepts applications to apply for cadet status, or probationary status. Any individual between the ages 15-18 still currently enrolled in high school will be placed on cadet status. Cadet status lasts until the completion of high school as well as reaching the age 18. Cadets are required to train, and are involved just as any member of the dept. The cadet will ride out to a fire call with the chief in the command vehicle. Upon their arrival on scene, a cadet is to learn and assist the crew at their request. Upon completion of cadet status, the individual would then be promoted to a probationary member. Probationary membership lasts for one year. Any individual already graduated from high school seeking membership, will be immediately placed on probationary status. Once the 1 year probationary period has been completed, the membership votes on promoting the individual from probationary membership to regular membership.


To obtain an application for part-time membership, cadet membership, or paid-on-call membership, please click the links below to download the application. Print a copy, fill it out and please drop it off at the fire station during normal business hours.

Paid On Call Application

Cadet Application

Part Time Application

Firefighter Intern Application